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salblogwordpressTo the sad moments.

To the emotions that were diluted.

To moments when left behind.

To moments we no more belonged anywhere.

It just gets sad.

We have always embraced the justification of no sense given while being put down.

All we were told was a ‘goodbye’ or maybe ‘i am sorry’.

It all truly hard wonder how people bear it.

It all takes time.

But yet I planned to breathe in it.

Sal ūüĆĆ

Just something. part 1

‚ÄčI felt left , discarded , thrown away just as something that you didn’t like¬†

Or done using with.

Maybe I was there for you always but you didn’t show up.

Maybe I loved with a love that wasn’t love , maybe it was sacrifice that I made.

Sacrifice to forcefully give you my skin to tear it, to throw me away into pieces. You never let me to stand up. Maybe it’s time I do.

~a martially raped women (anonymous)



To those nights I didn’t sleep reading you ,
Crying up to you, 
You were my reason to smile , I must say.
You were that reason to me that  helped lay my flaws without regrets of taking it back 
You were my favorite reason for repeat.
No wonder In every dire moment of mine it seemed perfect when you were there.
Thanks for being there, 
You will always be my favorite book


“we are all given choices, we understand them only when we understand what the difference is.”

To the different things we are given in life, the differences we make,or choose to make. life is totally an alluring experience filled with all shades of drama and love! Being honest sometimes we mix up pain with happiness without even spotting out the difference, and at that point we tell are lives are solemnly fucked or just on a bad trail. we even say that we don’t have happiness at all. there is this quote that says “sometimes holding on is more painful ,then letting go. That’s how we connect it neither ¬†can we handle sadness for nor can we bare the pain ! We all need that peace in our lives , that magnificent¬†¬†smile ,that you and me that us!salblogwordpress



Pain ~ the most fucked up word in our lives . It is that word which we all wanna run away from . Some of are very clear when it comes to pain that is to just say out whatever we are going through and move on and for some of us it’s complicated ,and all we do is bury it within us thinking that it is a part of us and has to stay inside us no matter what . It is obvious that we can’t walk away from pain and just enter into a land of happiness. To me “pain” sounds like my over possessive boyfriend cause how much ever I try it doesn’t go so easily and comes back really fast. Apparently we don’t get medicine for pain or something. All we need to ¬†remember is one thing that there is always nectar after pain and to get that the only way is overcoming the pain we are going through. We all know how hard it is for us but to get the nectar (happiness) we need the pain.
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light <3

I always wanted your lights, to lighten up my life but today i don’t want a blink of them to dim my light .

love,                                                                                                                                                                                                                -saloni siyal ( sorry for the small post ,currently stuck in between writing something beautiful for you guys )

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